Friday, January 1, 2010

What a way to usher in 2010

It was bound to happen. We went 2 plus years without a dreaded ear infection, but our streak is over. Izzie woke up last night around 2 am sort of whimpering. John ended up sleeping with her on the mini sofa in their room for about 40 minutes last night. In the morning she seemed better but kept talking about an "itchy" ear and she was super clingy in the extreme. Getting her down for a nap was really hard even though she was very tired. She woke up from nap early screaming and that is when we figured that she probably had an ear infection. It being New Year's Day our pedi's office was closed so we went to Acute Kids. I heard from other Mommy friends that it is worth the drive if it isn't a super emergency because the care there is excellent. I have to say my service there was great, we were in and out faster than it took us to drive there!

John decided to stay home with Maddie and I was going to take Izzie. As I was driving out of the neighborhood I called Mom to tell her where I was going and she said she'd be ready by the time I drove past her door and she wanted to go with me. One thing I've learned since having twins is never say no to help, so I swung by to pick Mom up. As it turned out it was a pretty easy in and out, but it still was nice having my Momma with me!

John said that Maddie was concerned with where her sissy was and kept trying to call her on her pretend phone. She'd pick up the phone and say, "Sissy, all better. Go Doctor." Izzie told me that she was going to tell Maddie all about the doctor visit when we got home. As we pulled up in the driveway, Maddie was at the front door waiting for Izzie, she grabbed her jacket and wanted to meet Sissy in the driveway! Once they saw each other it was no big deal, but they just wanted to know that each other was there. I'm just hoping that tonight goes well and that Izzie can stay relatively pain free.

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