Thursday, January 7, 2010

This cold weather calls for a Pajama Day!

Maddie going "night -night"

Izzie doing the same.

The high today was 30 degrees and we reached it at 9am the low tonight is 14 degrees I think. It is a very cold blustery day out there so we decided to call it a pajama day and stay tucked inside. I'm making chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight and I've already had my first cup of hot chocolate, thinking about a decadent second cup! The fire is roaring and Ripley is camped out in front of it. Every few minutes you hear the wind howl around the corners of the house.

I gave the girls spaghetti noodles for lunch today. Last night I had some enchiladas in the oven baking and I had made the mexican rice earlier in the day. About the time of day that I normally would be cooking I was playing with the girls. Maddie got really upset. She stood in the middle of the kitchen and said, "Momma, cook, kitchen, right now!" I think she was worried she wasn't getting dinner that night! I told her dinner was in the oven and we were waiting for the timer to go ding. She told me to me make some noodles. I told her we were having quesadillas for dinner (the enchildas were too spicy for them, so I made a quick chicken & cheese quesadilla for the girls) and that we weren't making noodles tonight. She went into the pantry and said,"Momma, noodles RIGHT there!" and pointed up at the box of noodles. So I promised her she could have some noodles tomorrow and that was a good idea for lunch. Seemed to satisfied her, well that and the grapes I gave her to tide her over until the oven went ding.

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