Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sleeping Update

The paci fairy came on Thursday and this is now Saturday night. Luckily the nights have been better than the naptimes, but it still hasn't been a cake walk around here with sleep lately. I'm feeling more sleep deprived than I have in a long while. I forget how lucky that I am that my girls are normally great sleepers. I think there are two issues going on though. I'm hoping the lack of naps we've had in the past week are due to a "phase" and that one day VERY soon I'll take the girls upstairs for nap and they will lay down and go to sleep like they used to do.

This is how I keep my sanity people! I need those naps. I put the girls upstairs at about 1pm every day and on the days they don't sleep at all I bring them down at 3-3:30. Most days they are up there singing, jumping and carrying on but mostly happy. The problem is I don't want to turn off the monitor and go about my business because a couple of times things have gone wrong. Like poopy diapers being thrown on the floor, or a dress that got stuck coming off and Maddie was freaking out. So I keep the monitor on. But the constant NOISE for the 2-2.5 hrs grates on my nerves and I get NOTHING done. I need naptime. I need to be able to play on my computer, work on my computer, clean house, do laundry, prep dinner for the night. Whatever I normally do during nap is not getting done. John says that I should tune them out and go about my business but I CAN'T. I stress that they are going to be grumpy during the evening, I stress that I can't concentrate, , I stress that they aren't getting enough sleep, I stress that I'm not getting things done that I normally get done, I just stress. It isn't pretty. My house is falling down around me (it feels like.) I can't believe how I took those easy naptime days for granted.

As for the paci, I really think it is a separate issue and not one that relates to the no-napping. They've done a lot better than I thought without it. They aren't asking for it back. They completely understand that the Paci Fairy took their pacies and gave them to Lucy (their baby cousin.) But they are focusing on other things like wanting their socks on and off. Last night they had a party in their crib at 3:30am. I'm not sure if this was paci related either, because we finally figured out that they had leaked their diapers and were laying in wet clothes. Once I got that cleaned up they went right back to sleep.

Life is good. My girls are darlings (especially in the morning.) I shouldn't be complaining. But I REALLY REALLY REALLY like sleeping (them and me). I knew the first year with them was going to be hard (and it was.) But then things got really good. They were terrific sleepers and I got used to that. I want my good sleepers BACK.

Okay, rant, vent, whatever... is over. I really try to keep things positive here and honestly it isn't as bad as it could be (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!) But it isn't as good as it was, and that is why I am whining.

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Seren Dippity said...

Just in case anyone reading this starts to feel toooo sorry for Amanda, I want to state for the record that at their worst these girls are better sleepers than any two year old _I've_ EVER known. And that includes Amanda and her sister or her cousins. I don't believe Amanda took one nap a day past 6 months old.

So some part of me can't help but say "pay back!!"

But I also want to say hang in there Amanda, they'll settle back into a routine soon. Maybe not exactly the same routine, but you'll adapt.