Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pajama Day at Storytime

Today was pajama day at storytime. The girls were excited to wear their house shoes out of the house. After storytime Lila and Zella came over for a playdate. At times all the girls were actually playing together. There was some chasing going on at one point, but it may have involved a stolen toy and not so much an actual game of chase.

During nap (yeah, right) my Mom came to watch the girls and Chris and I went to Ikea. This time around I bought some of the PAX closet storage system. Yes, I finally have started my closet storage system project that I've wanted to do since day one of when we moved in the house!! I'm SO thrilled. Now it means I have to actually clean out my closet, that part is WAY less thrilling.

Izzie and Maddie, both looking at the camera at the same time! I love how Izzie's hair did little pom-poms!


Maddie and Izzie playing Ring around the rosie with Lila and Zella.

And we all fall down!

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