Saturday, January 2, 2010

Momma day away

Yesterday my friend Melanie sent me a text message asking if I wanted to join her for a morning of shopping and lunching. I of course said YES! (After making sure John was cool, which of course he was!) It's funny, but texting a lot of times is the best way to communicate with a mom of multiples (Melanie also has twins) because invariably with that many toddlers on both ends of the phone it's impossible to hear an actual conversation!

Anyway, this morning after I got the girls all situated with a breakfast of homemade blueberry pancakes, and filling the crockpot up with a dinner for the evening, I took off to Melanie's house. We went window shopping at Collin Creek mall which was so much fun. I don't know when the last time I went to a mall with no intent purpose in mind, just to "browse" and try on a shoe or two that caught my eye. For some reason some part of me always has to try on the "tackiest" shoe in the store. It's a thing I've done forever, it always gives me a huge kick. We had some laughs over a 6" spike red leopard print platform/heel shoe I tried on!

After the mall we went to a lovely little tea house called Into My Garden. I got the lunch sampler and it was so good! Everything, I literally cleared the plate. And so girly too, there was quiche, chicken salad, pasta salad and a side of soup. I was stuffed by the end! Figuring there was no need to rush home since the girls should be still napping, we went to The Container store to browse. Seriously, I'm on an organization kick lately. I've decided I want an organization system for my organization systems if that is possible! I've got my eyes on a closet system next. I want one of those closets from the movies, but somehow I don't think my budget is going to allow for that.

Anyway, I got some good info, now I need to meet with a closet "consultant" to help design the closet of my dreams, er... I mean my budget. We'll see what comes of that project. Sadly the afternoon had to end and I said my good byes and headed home.

Maddie and Izzie woke up from nap in great moods and they spent about an hour telling me everything that they did with Daddy that morning (with some translations from Daddy himself.) Izzie was feeling a ton better and she was smiling, giggling and being very silly. Maddie amazes me every day lately with her sentences. She just keeps getting better and better at talking. A quick call to mom and she said I could bring the girls over for an hour before dinner time.

We headed over to Nanna's house and as we pulled in the driveway both girls exclaimed loudly, "NANNA'S HOUSE! POPO'S TRUCK!" Sorry, Popo, I guess you've been kicked out to sleep in the truck! Then I got Izzie down and told her we needed to get sissy out. As I was getting Maddie out she said to me, "Sissy, Friend. Love Her. Give Kiss and Hug!" So I got her out of the carseat and she gave Izzie a huge hug and kiss. I swear my heart can't keep melting like that or I won't survive! Playing at Nanna's went well, so well in fact that I forgot to give Izzie her next dose of pain meds and when her ear started hurting all fun came to a screeeeeeeeeeeching halt. Luckily I had the medicine on me, got it in her and as soon as it started working things were mostly good. Both girls ate a huge hearty dinner.

Tomorrow John's D&D group gets to play, which I know he is looking forward to. I'm looking forward to this next week and dreading it. John's been working from home a lot this last month because of things being slow at the office. He's going back to work on Monday and life will get back in the groove. I've gotten used to having him home and so have the girls! I think it'll take a while before we get used to our new schedule!

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Unknown said...

What a great day you had! I love browsing with no purpose. I know what you mean by getting used to your husband being home...mine has been home all week as well, and it will be hard come Monday. Happy New Year!