Friday, January 29, 2010

Kidney Ultrasound

Maddie after getting an ultrasound on her kidney.

Today was Maddie's ultrasound on her kidney. I guess because it isn't common to have a UTI at this young of an age, if a kid gets one docs recommend the ultrasound to make sure there isn't a problem. It's one of those things that can go hidden for a long time but cause bad damage if undetected, so it was better safe than sorry ordeal.

Mom was going to watch Izzie while I took Maddie in, but I decided to kidnap mom because I knew that Williams Sonoma was really close to the ultrasound place and I had a gift card burning a whole in my wallet. Then after shopping I knew it would be close to lunch, so we'd need to find a place to fill our tummies. My evil plans worked out great!

Mom, Izzie, Maddie and I braved a very rainy, cold morning and got to the ultrasound place without a hitch. Lately it seems like I can't get anywhere without getting lost but I got there on the first try in the rain, I was impressed! The procedure was simple. Just like getting an ultrasound when you are pregnant, which I have to admit was a bit weird comparison for me when it was my two year old on the table...

Maddie was a SUPER DUPER TROOPER. She laid on the table and just kept talking to me. Every few sentences she'd squeeze my hand and say, "Momma, right here." Like it was all okay as long as I didn't leave. It wasn't traumatic at all for her. We got the results back at lunchtime and everything was perfectly normal!

I got my new All-Clad Griddle that I've been eye balling and was on sale for like half off, I got to eat at one of my favorite lunch places and spend time with my Momma and my girls. I say, it was a nice morning, even in the wet cold!

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Scrappinmum said...

So happy to hear everything went well with the u/s. What griddle did you get? I have one but I hate it with our elecrtic stove. I'm going to miss my All-Clad. It's not makng the trip to the Far East.