Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heavy Banana

Yesterday turned into a bit of a pajama day for my girls. We didn't have plans to go anywhere so I was planning on just putting them in "stay around the house" scruffy clothes. But they told me they wanted to stay in their nightgowns. Why not? Sounded fun to me! After changing into a clean diaper and heading downstairs to eat breakfast I went into my normal robotic routine of getting them breakfast on the table. I give them a banana almost every morning for breakfast; or actually half of a banana. Well as I was getting the banana peeled I hear Izzie say, "HEAVY banana!"

They used to get the words Heavy and Big mixed up. Makes sense, because a lot of BIG things are also HEAVY especially to a toddler. But we've been talking about the difference using big balls that aren't heavy, etc. Basically I didn't really think about it too hard when she called the banana heavy. I started prattling off, "No, bananas aren't heavy but the couch is heavy. What else is heavy?" To which I hear "Heavy Banana!!!" At which point I break the banana in two, and Izzie screams, "NO, HEAVY BANANA!!" Then and only then did it dawn on me she wanted a big (or whole) banana! I told her that she could have a whole banana, and I put the two pieces on the plate. Then I got Maddie a whole banana and put it on her plate. After putting their pancakes and O's I gave the girls their breakfast. Izzie was not amused. To a toddler, 2 half bananas do NOT equal one HEAVY banana. Math teachers, you might want to update your text books, now that you know.

Izzie and Maddie playing with dried beans.

It was quickly moved to the floor because the beans were falling off the table and bouncing around the floor. It was still a mess, but we got to learn how to use hand brooms after we were done playing beans!

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