Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gymnastics at ASI

Maddie and Izzie on the trampoline. I had a hard time getting my photos in focus.

Izzie sliding down into the foam block pit.

Maddie's turn!

Izzie on the trampoline.

Maddie jumping high!

I took the girls to their very first gymnastics class this morning! I think it went pretty well actually. Their teacher was named, Coach Nick. The fact that it was a male teacher is a good thing because both girls get really shy around men that aren't family (well actually some family members too.) There were about 8 or so kids in their class.

The first thing up was the trampoline which was a good thing because Maddie and Izzie love jumping! Both girls were really good at it, but surprisingly enough Maddie was actually listening to the instruction from Coach Nick (as long as he stood at least 10 paces away.) Izzie was just in her own little free jumping world. I figured we'd have a bit of upset when trampoline time was finished, but they marched over to circle time with all the other kids.

They were given sticks and they had to listen to the song and do things with their sticks, like click them together over their heads or drum them on the floor. This did not go over well. Neither girl would even try it. Then we did some stretching with our legs in "straddle" position and "pike" position. This was another thing we did not even attempt. There were a few other circle games and then it was time for the obstacle course.

This brought a few tears to Izzie, and mostly refusal by Maddie. But they did about 2 of the elements each. Coach Nick assured me they were doing fine. He said that most kids spend their entire first class just staring and crying and not trying so he was impressed with what they were doing.

After the obstacle course we went to the block pit. Both Maddie and Izzie watched the kids slide down into the blocks a few times before they were willing to try it themselves. Maddie really liked it! She went down about 4 times and Izzie did it several times too. While some kids were sliding, some were doing the rope swing, also over a giant pit of foam blocks. I was shocked that Izzie got on the swing! Some of the other mom's said it was a few months before their kids would get on the rope swing. Maddie wouldn't even touch the swing.

Last was the balance beam. First they crawled through a tunnel that ended in front of a balance beam that was only 3 or 4 inches off the ground. Maddie followed sissy through the tunnel, and that was her favorite activity of all (well except the trampoline!) Both Izzie and Maddie did walk along the balance beam a few times though.

Right before we left we got back in circle to hand out stickers and stamps (they got stamps on their hands and feet!) When Coach Nick came across to Maddie she sat on her feet so he wouldn't stamp her. Izzie did get the stamps though.

All in all, I think they had a good time and I think it was really good for Maddie to get out of her comfort zone just a bit and for Izzie to be the leader. At home, Maddie tends to be the leader more, today Izzie shined.

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