Friday, January 15, 2010

Grand Adventures at Firewheel Mall

Before kids, going to shop at the mall was not a grand adventure. It might have been a way to pass some free time, or to go in and out of a store quickly to purchase something. It might have been a way to spend some time with friends as an afternoon out of the house. It wasn't a grand adventure. Going to the mall in the rain with two year old twin toddlers and no stroller is either insane or a grand adventure. I choose adventure.

I didn't know about the rain until we were half way to the mall and it started up. It was only a sprinkle. Enough to be annoying but not enough to deter me from my plans. Maddie and Izzie are in desperate need of new shoes. They have almost rubbed a hole in the toes of their favorite shoes. This is a horrible time of year for this to happen because apparently stores aren't restocking shoes right now. Target and Walmart have gotten in a new shipment of sandals but they aren't restocking their "winter" shoes. We don't need sandals right now, it's still 40 degrees outside! So I thought I'd try my luck at Payless. Same story. However I did talk to the sales lady and apparently they are getting a big shipment in on Monday and she said there should be a mix of shoes with a big sale on Tuesday. We left shoeless. I was very impressed with the girls. They tried on a few shoes and were very patient with me while I looked at the shoes in my size. (How can I go into a shoe store without at least looking at shoes for me?)

I had a thought in the back of my head that I'd take them to dinner while we were out. The drizzle was about to make me change my mind, but the girls were being so good and I was actually having fun with them. It wasn't quite time to eat yet, so we loaded back into the minivan and went to Barnes and Noble. (By the way... Firewheel Mall is an outdoor mall. All the stores have doors that open to the outside. You can't just go from store to store without going back outside, on the 5 days of the year that we have perfect spring weather this is awesome. The rest of the year...)

Anyway, we went to Barnes and Noble. My girls are at that lovely age of repeating anything I say. The other day at Target, I muttered under my breath, "Oh yeah, I need jet dry." Izzie and Maddie both then declared for the entire store, "Momma Buy Jet Dry!" Lovely. At least I wasn't buying a bra or something. Back to Barnes and Noble. I told the girls that I needed to use the potty and then we'd go look at the kid books. What was I thinking??? We walk in the store and they both say as we pass everyone, "Momma Go Potty FIRST. Books NEXT." We've been using words like First, Second, After, Next... I'm SO glad my lessons are working.

Even with the announcements they both did really good. We practiced picking one book off of the shelf at a time and putting it back when we were done with it. Then we headed over to Pei Wei for dinner. I was dissapointed that the kids lo mein didn't have any veggies. The girls lucked out with a carb and protein dinner tonight. When we got home it was straight to bath and bed, so we had a very fun filled afternoon and evening, and it really was a grand adventure!

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