Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting back in the groove

Izzie playing the new counting game I printed out this morning.

Maddie showing me the a piece after I asked her which one was the 4.

This is what the game looked like. I meant to print out their names but forgot, so I just wrote them on there. Just trying to get them used to seeing their name in print.

Maddie and Izzie coloring.

I love this smile of Maddie's! They are finally starting to smile when you ask them too.

John is back at work after working from home a lot of the month of December. Maddie, Izzie and I sort of got used to having him around! But it's back to just the three of us for the mornings. John goes in to work so dang early that he's usually home as they are waking up from nap so he gets to spend the late afternoon and evenings with us.

This morning started off with a TEMPER TANTRUM of huge proportions. Maddie really can turn it on and off so fast you it can make your head spin and you never know when one will hit lately. This morning she wanted to hold a "look pretty" off of her bookcase in her room. Some times I pull the pretties down and let them touch them while I'm supervising. This morning they had already slept in (yay!) and I was anxious to just get things going. So I told her, "Not today, we need to get dressed and go eat our pancakes." Then the explosion happened. I didn't really want to leave her up there by herself to throw the temper tantrum, but I didn't really want to make Izzie wait until she was finished because that wouldn't be very fair to her. Somehow I managed to get Maddie dressed while she was throwing the massive temper tantrum, this included a diaper change standing up, which I've never attempted before! I carted her downstairs while singing a silly song to Izzie. I deposited Maddie at the bottom of the stairs and went about getting their breakfast ready.

When Izzie started saying, "yummy blueberries!" Maddie all of a sudden dried up the tears and said, "blueberries please!" like the whole thing didn't happen. I just went with the flow. There was another temper tantrum after breakfast and I was wondering how I was going to make it through the day. Then suddenly that one stopped too and both girls went off to their toy room and played by themselves for a solid 30 minutes! I made some Potato and Leak soup during this time. It was a nice break from the crying earlier.

Then we played a Number game that I made in Illustrator before they woke up. Both girls really liked it. Maddie was really good at it, Izzie took a little longer to figure it out. Basicially they had to match a printed number to a group of objects. So a blue 4 to four blue stars. At this stage they are more matching the color than the number, but we talked about the number and we counted the objects several times. The rest of the morning was filled with reading books and coloring. Now they are tucked away for nap, so here's hoping for a long good nap!

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