Monday, January 11, 2010

Flashlight Toy Hunt

Popo showing Maddie and Izzie how magnets work. There is a big shiny magnet over Eeyore's head. Popo is moving the magnet with magnets behind the book.

Maddie, Popo, and Izzie playing ball with golf balls.

Izzie got up in the rocking chair and asked Maddie to rock her. Well, demanded really...

This week is shaping up to be a busy one again. We had a playdate this morning with my usual playgroup, minus Jessica who's kids still have the sniffles. Maddie was very clingy this morning asking me for lots of "hug-gies" and "kiss-sies." Izzie on the other hand was super busy doing everything there was to do at Melanie's house.

This afternoon we went over to my mom's house for about an hour just to hang out for a bit. Mom brought out these really strong magnets and she was showing the girls how to make the magnets chase each other (same poles) and running towards each other until they hit (different poles.) Then Popo made a magnet dance across a book, hiding the other magnet underneath. This was great fun for the girls. They also had a blast rolling small golf balls and bouncing big rubber balls with him.

Tonight after dinner we turned off most of the lights in the house and I had the girls get their flashlights. Then we went on a "toy" hunt to find everything to put away at the end of the day. We found babydolls that had to go night-night, books that needed re-shelving, a few pieces from different toys that needed to be put in their bins. It was a fun and different way to the "clean up" game that's for sure. Maddie and Izzie both had a bunch of fun shining their flashlights everywhere. Last we had to go on a hunt for Daddy who was cat napping on the couch.

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Seren Dippity said...

I love listening to them make sense out of their world. Today when they were playing with PoPo and the golf balls they were laying on the floor and they told him they were "sideways."