Sunday, January 10, 2010


This morning when the girls woke up, Maddie told me she wanted a smoothie for breakfast. Izzie told me she wanted a banana with her smoothie and they both decided that O's would round out the meal. Then about an hour or so after their breakfast John made a bowl of oatmeal. They both had a fit wanting the oatmeal. Finally when we broke through their crying and told them it was Daddy's breakfast and they already had their breakfast. I told them they could have oatmeal for lunch if they wanted. Maddie immediately stopped crying and said a shakey, "okay." Izzie followed suit.

When lunchtime rolled around and I asked them if they wanted oatmeal they both said no! So I gave them chicken, apples and cheese and they were plenty happy with that! Part of me doesn't want to give them choices for lunch because that can easily get complicated if they both want something different. But I do want to give them some control over what they choose to eat. I even let them have a hand in picking out lunches & dinners for the family occasionally (they choose spaghetti noodles.).

I've noticed a theme so far 10 days into the New Year. I think it really coincidences with turning two. I refuse to call them the terrible twos. I think that is just setting myself up for failure. The power of your words are very important. But there definitely is a theme of independence and choice going on with my girls. They are asserting their opinions, whatever they are for that moment. They are making choices and are proud of their accomplishments. They want the chance to make the mistake even when it frustrates both me and them. Then there are the times that they aren't sure they want to grow up, and they will look up at you and say, "carry me, {like a} baby." When they just want to be held and rocked for a moment.

Maddie climbed up into Daddy's lap and asked him to read Elmo. Izzie then wanted to sit in his lap too. John told her that his lap was full with Maddie. She looked right at him and said, "Two babies, Daddy." How can you argue with that? Yep, we had two babies and sometimes our laps just have to grow to accommodate all the love. In this picture Maddie and Izzie are signing "block" after seeing Elmo playing with some blocks in the story.

Izzie is pointing to Elmo.

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