Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Building Bridges & Playdoh Playdate

Izzie (yes, in purple) and Maddie playing with playdoh.

Maddie gathered up all these buckets and was making a bridge. I asked her if it was a choo-choo (I used to put boxes together and call it a choo-choo) but she assured me it was a bridge. Which makes sense she she was stepping from one to the next.

Maddie and Izzie trying on Momma's jacket and pull over. (Maddie moved the bridge into the toy room, one bucket at a time)

Wednesday is normally Library Story Time day around here. I decided to skip this week in favor of a Playdoh Playdate that a friend was hosting. Sharon cleared out her kitchen floor and all the kids got to go playdoh crazy on the floor. She is also the friend that had the painting playdate that gave me the idea to host my own. Perhaps a playdoh playdate is in store at my house soon? I think that is one of the best things about being in a moms group. When you see that it (whatever the challenge may be) can be done, then it's not so hard to imagine doing it yourself! Sharon is a role model to me with her 3 boys, two of which are 4.5 year old twins!

Most of the time my girls hang out with kids very close to the same age as they are. I like getting together with friends who have kids a year or two older just so they can see skills they aren't quite ready for. This morning they got to see new ways to play with playdoh than the way they play with it. They may not be ready developmentally to use all the playdoh toys, but it's a little idea in their heads of what may come next. After playdoh the older kids ran upstairs to play and the younger kids stayed downstairs and mostly read books. Izzie kept hanging out at the bottom of the stairs, she really wanted to know what the older kids were up to! I told her perhaps next time she could join them.

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