Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trying to be Silly

Maddie was just a jumpin, and a swinging those arms, having an all out blast!

Izzie and Maddie. Izzie chose purple today and Maddie chose green!!! Maddie is kissing the reindeer that sings "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" and we were dancing fools in the kitchen this morning.

Maddie and Izzie playing shaving cream.

It's so squishy!

Today is a day for silliness. Somehow I get stuck in the routine of life and forget to be silly. I don't forget to appreciate the special moments in life, that I have down pat. I love just staring in the face of my little girls and appreciating that moment for who they are right then, no matter what we are doing. But sometimes I forget to be silly. Their daddy is much better at that. He never forgets a good placed tickle or an airplane ride or a silly little dance through the living room. I think as the mother, my mind is on what meal to serve next, what clothes are clean, who still hasn't had a poopie diaper, you know the basic mechanics of daily living. I get caught up in all of this and I forget sometimes to stop and just play for the sake of play.

We do a lot of playing around here, we do finger paint and rice box, and imagination dress up, we do all that, but in the back of my mind I am thinking what skill is this developing? How is this helping them grow. Sometimes play is just PLAY! Forget motor skills and speech development, forget math and science. Just watch a feather drop from the sky to see it fall, not to talk about light and heavy. Feel the squishy shaving cream between your fingers without over complicating it with words. There is a time and place for all of that, and like I said, I've got that part down.

So for today, I was silly. We danced before breakfast to the musical rhythms of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" We played tickle tummy, we played squishy shaving cream at the table. It was just a fun morning. While playing with shaving cream, it really hit home how serious I can be sometimes. Before we started (I forgot about my being silly) and I told them "the rules." I do this before most activities. I told them to keep in on the table not in their hair or on the wall. Both girls accidentally got a teeny tiny bit on the wall and it really, really upset them. I had to tell them over and over that it was okay! I just didn't want them splashing it on the wall on purpose, but really in the grand scheme of things... it wouldn't have hurt anything. I wish I had skipped the rules for a moment and just played. Now I know... there is a time for rules, and there is a time for silly.

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