Wednesday, December 9, 2009

They say the first step is...

admitting you have a problem. Well John says I have an addiction to storage and storage units. I really can't disagree! I think at this point the girls have more storage for toys than actual toys! I just hate clutter. Somehow hating clutter does not disappear it from your life. Right now as I type, my desk is once again cluttered (after recently being uncluttered for the first time in a year.) My kitchen is cluttered and my car has miscellaneous presents in it both unwrapped and wrapped. I guess I am constantly trying to control the clutter but it somehow amasses around me with an unstoppable force!

By biggest issue with clutter is the stuff that doesn't have an official place. That is why I love storage systems. A little nook or cubby that was designed to hold JUST the perfect Thing, whatever that may be. I know at least Maddie totally gets me on this. She loves putting things up exactly where they go; and if you don't know then you have to make it up fast!

Today I listed the changing table for sale because I found that we were using the top to hold CLUTTER and we were changing the girls on the floor. They were getting too big to hoist up there anyway. So after about a month of floor changing, I decided to get it out! I've gotten used to all the little cubbies it provided and didn't want to give up the precious storage, so in its place is a nice little bookshelf!

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