Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There was a cow at the library

Yes, there really was a cow at the library today. It was the last story time of the year and I'm so glad it ended on a good note! The girls were terrific at the library today and I was thrilled, especially since the room as a whole got pretty restless, which they usually pick up on and join right in. The letter of the day was "R" for Reindeer. Izzie can say Reindeer but Maddie only comes up with the 'Deer part. So John was a bit confused when Maddie told him the letter of the day was "R" for Deer!

I totally love that they are starting to participate in some of the activities at story time. There is usually a poem or two, and today Maddie was counting with Mrs. Dea during the poem. Instead of a craft (we got one to take home) after story time we went to the childrens book area and there was a cow in the library! No, not a real cow, a Chik-fil-A cow. Full costume, big cow! The girls would have NOTHING to do with her, and honestly I totally don't blame them, because she sort of freaked me out too. (I know it was a girl cow because she had a big bow on her head, duh.) When I finally convinced the girls that they didn't HAVE to touch, sit on or do anything to or with the cow, they relaxed and did their normal thing. That is, Izzie zoomed over to the computer and Maddie went to the big bucket of board books and started reading. I also noticed today that she was handing out board books to all the other kids.

After dinner today I told the girls I had a surprise for them after they finished cleaning up their blocks. Apparently they know what the word surprise is. They zoomed around the toy room picking up blocks faster than I have ever seen! I had bought them an Elmo sticker book and we sat around the little table putting stickers all over the book. They really liked it. Stickers are so much fun when you are (almost) two.

Speaking of two... I can't believe it's only in 4 more days! If you ask Maddie how old she is going to be she will very self assuredly tell you that she will be "Two Ears Old" on her birthday.

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