Thursday, December 31, 2009

So, it's the end of 2009

And it's time for New Year's Resolutions. As a kid I hated them. I didn't want to think about the future and I definitely didn't want to make commitments! Now as an adult, I really do look at New Years Resolutions is a completely different way. I still am not very good at keeping them specifically, but I think every year I am growing and shaping who I want to be from them. This past year one of my resolutions was to have family meals 4-5 times a week. That specific goal probably wasn't met, but I did cook at home ALOT this last year and we had sit-around-the-table meals very frequently. I noticed that on The Frickin Chicken I posted my 100th recipe just the other day. That means I cooked at least 100 different recipes since I started the site in March. That doesn't include repeat meals. That is a lot of cooking! Another goal I had last year was to lose weight. That did not happen. I lost some weight throughout the year, but I pretty much gained it all back by the end. I guess that is why we get a fresh start each year.

Watching the girls go from 1 yr to 2 years has been a very exciting thing. They weren't even walking last January and now they are running, skipping and even sort of jumping. They weren't really talking last January, past the occasional Mama and Dadda. Heck they were still nursing last January! Still eating the occasional baby foods along with some finger foods. Now they are talking in 4-5 word sentences (when they want to!) They are really good at using their spoons and forks and they are developing a sense of independence. "No, I DO IT!" Is a sentence we hear around here frequently. I'm excited to see what 2010 has to bring us.

Here is our family's Year in Review...

Maddie was the first one with a tooth at 13 months
We all got hit with a horrible tummy bug
Temper tantrums were introduced into the household by Izzie!

We had our first Time Out.
We stopped nursing.

Our first art project.
I took the girls to a restaurant by myself for the 1st time.

Cousin Lucy was born!
Our first black eye (Izzie)

We said goodbye to a loved family pet, Travis. He is missed.
I joined the PAMOM Board.
I got my wisdom tooth removed.

First swim of the summer.
Got to visit Daddy at work.
I threw a huge paint party.

First corn on the cob.
Took the girls out to eat with friends.

First time to climb out of crib (and only time... this year!)
First time to hold sissy's hand without me asking.
Jake, my cat got sprayed by a skunk!
First time to bake cookies with Mom.

First trip to library.
First trip to a lake.
Got invited to be a guest writer for a Dallas Morning News Blog.

Zoo Trip for 2009.
Went on a Family Vacation to San Antonio

Mastered the spoon well enough to eat soup.

I turn 30!
Baking Christmas cookies with Grandma
Second Birthday

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