Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shopping and Dinner with Melanie

This afternoon after the girls DIDN'T nap. Yes, you read that right. They stayed up in their cribs for two hours but they didn't sleep one wink. I decided to take them out shopping with Melanie and her twins. I wasn't sure how this would go over since they really don't like their stroller that much anymore since we aren't in it that often. Amazingly they did pretty well. They threw their sippy cups out a few times, but I think that was because they were trying to hold their sippies, their book and their shoes. Both of them lost a shoe and didn't want me to help them put it back on, but they couldn't put it on in the stroller so they just held on to it the entire time.

Well, we hit Hobby Lobby and Big Lots, mostly because they are right next to each other. I picked up a few extra Christmas gifts and some stockings for the girls. Yes this is technically their third Christmas (they were 5 days old on their first one) and they don't have stockings yet. Well, actually now they do! Nothing special, but cute none-the-less. It seems that monogrammed stockings are all the rage right now, but they'll just have to make do this year. I was shocked that over half of Hobby Lobby's Christmas stuff is already sold, but don't worry if you were looking for spring gardening supplies, because they've hit the shelves!

Big Lots was Big Lots. It's like a mega dollar store but nothing is a dollar. I had a Spend $10 Get $10 coupon and that sounded pretty good to me! I bought some more stocking stuffers for the girls (now that they have stockings!)

Then Melanie and I decided to eat at Spring Creek Bar-b-q where we became the guests entertainment. For some reason that restaurant caters to the silver crowd. Well, we gave some older couples something to talk about for a week at least. Over all, all the girls did pretty well and I'm full so that means I must have eaten. I'm pretty sure both of the girls got full and the restaurant was still standing when we left, so that's always a plus.

When we got home, the girls played for a bit and then I decided to do a shaving cream bath. Oops. They had fun, but they hate the shower off part at the end. And they were TIRED. (Remember... no nap!) So that turned into a fiasco! But we got clean, we got dry and dressed and in the beds. Now all is quiet. Ahhh.

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