Saturday, December 5, 2009

Seeing Santa

Maddie and Izzie coloring at the PAMOM Holiday Party

Izzie is airborne!


Maddie and Izzie jumping in unison.

Izzie and Maddie's 2009 Santa Photo (the one Mom too, I should get one from the photographer later.)
Okay, so yesterday was my birthday. As far as 30th birthdays go, it was nothing to write home about. In a couple of years when someone says, "so hey, what did you do for your 30th?", I'd like to mumble and say, "It was a night I'd like to forget." Maybe make it sound like I did something crazy or some such. In truth, I went to Chiloso's a little Tex-Mex bistro with my mom, Chris and the girls. That was just so I could do SOMETHING on my birthday. Not to make anyone feel bad. John has a terrible head cold and there is just no way he'd have been able to make it to the fancy diner and movie we had planned with friends. I was only feeling so-so and that's why I thought Chiloso's would be okay, I didn't have the energy to sit through a long dinner. I am sad that I missed out on a fun dinner with friends but perhaps we can reschedule and still have a big dinner sometime soon. I did get many well wishes and they were all very much appreciated!

Today when the girls woke up I got to tell them that we were going to meet Santa! (Santa was going to be at the Annual PAMOM Holiday Party.) Both girls were so excited. All morning they were saying, "Santa! Toys!" I talked to the girls about sitting in Santa's lap and telling him what they wanted him to bring to them on Christmas. I was half worried they were going to want the toys today but that didn't happen. We went and picked up my mom. John was originally going to go but he was still sick so Mom came with instead. I'm glad she went, even though I could have done it alone it's always nice to have a second set of eyes.

When we got there, we decided to do Santa first since the line was short. While we were waiting we told the girls that they were going to sit in Santa's lap and look at all the other kids, etc. The closer we got, the quieter Maddie got. When it was our turn, the water works started. I don't think we got any "happy" pictures. Izzie has a puzzled, "What's wrong with sissy" look and Maddie is just NOT HAPPY. Your typical Santa pic. Mom snapped a few shots, there was a photographer who I think is going to post the shots she took later.

After Santa we went to the bounce house where I think the girls would be happy to live for the rest of their lives. Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy! A bit of coloring and running around the huge gymnasium and they were pooped out. We went for a quick lunch at WhichWich a terrific sandwich store and then home for naps. What a fun filled morning!

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