Monday, December 14, 2009

Playdate my house

A few pictures:

Izzie running full speed ahead down the sidewalk on Dec 13, 2009.

Izzie trying to wobbly-walk for the first time down the sidewalk on Feb 12, 2009.

Maddie in a full run yesterday.

Playdate this morning. Around the table: Madison, Pam (Melanie's Mom), Sydney, Melanie, Izzie and Maddie.

I said I was going to title this picture: Wrapped around Izzie's Finger. Daddy was drawing for Izzie. Izzie did most of the artwork but she gave the pencil to Daddy and was pointing on the paper and saying, "Little Circle Here, Big Circle Here" over and over. It was so cute.

Today's playdate was on, then off then back on again. In the end Melanie came with her girls, her mom who is visiting from out of town, Melanie's neighbor, Amy with her 4 month old son Carson. Maddie and Izzie are SO different at our house than other people's houses. For one thing, apparently they have learned the word, "MINE!"

I tried to explain that they should share with their friends, but everything was MINE, MINE, MINE! They did eventually share their colors but that was pretty much all they would concede to sharing. Which is funny because I never hear them say that to each other. I guess they just know which things between themselves to share and which things really truly are their own things. Like Maddie has the bunnies and Izzie never touches them and Izzie has the teddies and Maddie never touches those. I think being a twin and having to share everything in your life probably makes the girls more possessive than even a normal toddler. But then again, I have been around some toddlers that have that MINE down pat, so who knows!

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