Saturday, December 12, 2009

Picking out the perfect Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree for 2009!

I have been looking forward to this afternoon all week! After naptime today we went to pick out our tree. One day when the girls are a bit older I'd like to to go to one of those tree farms where you cut down a fresh tree, but today we visited a tree-lot and picked out the perfect tree. Maddie and Izzie weren't quite sure what to think. It was really muddy in the lot and Izzie didn't like that. They did enjoy the firetruck that whizzed by while we were picking out a tree. On the way home when I was asking about their experience all they wanted to talk about was the fire truck. Go figure.

We got home and got the tree in the stand and the girls helped me pull out the lights and garland from the box. Daddy left to return the truck we borrowed from Chris but he was back in a jiffy. Then while I was feeding the girls a yummy dinner of Shephard's Pie that I pulled from my freezer meals (love it when I'm efficient!) Daddy hung most of the ornaments on the tree. We had Christmas music playing and it was a fun evening. Then after dinner the girls wanted to play in their rice box again, so we let them stay up and skip bath to play a little longer tonight.

Maddie reaching out to touch one of the trees.

Izzie running around the tree lot.

Izzie, Momma and Maddie inside the tree tent.

Maddie helping to pull out garland.

Here I am hanging some ornaments.

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