Sunday, December 13, 2009

Outside lights are up!

Not that we'd win any awards or anything, our lights are very simple, but I'm just glad to report that they are finally up! Along with some light up Candy Canes and a few giant ornaments for the oak tree out front. The girls thought it was neat that Daddy was on the roof, but they had more fun just being outside. Today was a bit warmer (and yet still chilly!) than it has been so we took advantage of the temperature and spent some time running up and down the sidewalk. I think the girls ran between our house and the neighbors house about 50 times before it was time to go inside.

This afternoon after nap, the girls were playing with their rice box and I was cooking dinner times 3. My playgroup had decided to try out a meal swap idea. We each cook a meal for everyone and swap them around so we get different types of meals to bring home. I made a Chili Casserole for the first go around. While I was cooking, I took a peek over at the girls. They were sitting IN the rice box! Too cute!

Izzie and Maddie IN the rice.

Hey... it gave me the opportunity for a close up picture of the two of them together! Of course we are just wearing rag around the house clothes and our hair is a mess... but we are still cute!

Izzie and Maddie watching Daddy put lights up on the house.

Dady just getting started.

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