Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Next Three Days

The next three days are going to be a craziness of fun and tradition. Santa Claus sent me a message and let me know he was going to stop by this evening to drop off Maddie and Izzie's gifts. This was a huge relief because I was worried they weren't going to have enough time to play with them on Christmas morning if he came on the traditional Christmas Eve. He assured me that sometimes he visits special families early so that he has time to deliver all the presents around the world. If he can spread it over two days, that makes things a bit easier for him!

I'm very anxious to see what Santa has brought for the girls. I know they have tried to be very good. Both Maddie and Izzie have asked for new colors and new toys. Izzie has asked for some applesauce too. I'm sure he will be able to fullfill those requests.

After opening presents in the morning I hope to squeeze in a breakfast and then play play play! Hopefully we will be super exhausted and go down for an early nap! Because after naptime we will get in our Christmas best and go to the Children's Mass with John's side of the family. After Mass we head over to Nanny's house for a light finger food dinner and usually exchange a couple of family gifts.

Christmas day we will wake up and head straight to the girls' Grandma and Grandpa's house for tons of celebration. We have more presents, more food and more family fun. This year, Christmas will be rounded out with a third celebration with John's Aunt and Uncle and some extended family. Let the marathon begin! I'll post pics when I get the chance between opening presents!

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