Friday, December 11, 2009

Message from Santa

Maddie and Izzie sitting in Daddy's lap watching a personal video from Santa!


Izzie and Maddie playing rice.

It ended up being an ordinary sort of day around here. This morning we made our usual run to Target for milk & bananas, something I can never seem to stock enough of around here! The girls call Target the Big Red Ball Store because in front of the store there are gigantic concrete balls that they like to look at. The balls are taller than the girls, so I'm sure it's pretty cool. A fun thing that we do at Target lately is work on our Teamwork. That's a vocabulary word I've been tossing around a lot lately along with the usual: Share, Trade, Wait, Patience and the like. We work on Teamwork at the check out counter. I hand an item to Maddie, who hands it to Izzie who puts it on the conveyor belt for the checkout lady. I'm also throwing stuff up there so it doesn't take too long, but the girls usually help unload a good portion of the cart. This not only makes them happy, it typically brightens the day of who ever is in line behind us. They like watching Maddie and Izzie doing their Teamwork!

The rice box is still a HUGE hit. I urge anyone who is hesitant of creating one because of the mess to just get over it and try it. I know I was worried about the mess, and yes, it is a bit messy but nothing a hand vacuum can't clean in a minute or two. And the fact that the rice box can hold their attention for an hour at a time makes a minute or two of clean up a good deal! Not to mention that it's good for toddlers. Apparently playing with rice: reduces stress, stimulates the mind and is a sensory adventure. (Paraphrased from some development website I came across recently.)

This morning the girls received a very exciting email. Apparently Mig, one of John's co-workers found a way to contact Santa! By using the website Santa was able to give the girls a very special message from the Northpole! They were super excited to see Santa talk to them specifically, he even had a photo of them in his big book. When the email came in, they crawled in Daddy's lap to watch the movie. I'm pretty sure they didn't hear half of what Santa was saying because they kept shouting at the computer, "Santa! Beard! Toys!"

All in all, it was a fun day just taking it easy.

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