Saturday, December 12, 2009

Melker Triplets 2nd Birthday

Originally this morning we were going to a photo shoot with one of John's co-workers (and part time photographer) Mig, but it turned out to be a drizzly cold morning so the photo shoot got canceled and we were able to go to the Melker Triplet's 2nd Birthday Party! It was a big bash. I got to see several of my PAMOM friends and all the kids. It was quite the turnout! Both girls did much better with the crowd than I thought they would. Izzie was super independent, she just did her own thing, she'd find a toy and go to town playing with it, not really paying attention to anything around her. Maddie was fine too, but she wanted to know where I was at all times.

After the party, Melanie and her family went to grab a burger with me and the girls. Then it was home for a very much needed nap!

The birthday gang! Hayden, Payson, and Madison.

Hayden Jessica and Madison. Those tutus were SUPER precious... think I need some for Maddie and Izzie!

Payson with his super cape!

Maddie and Izzie enjoying a birthday cookie.

Izzie found the piano and played a song for Nana. She is really into music right now, she loves singing along to songs she knows.

Izzie looking up at a balloon.

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Keith and Jessica said...

Cute pics. I especially like the one of me and the girls and of Izzie looking up at the balloon. Thanks for coming!