Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finger Painting



Since we were just hanging around the house and not going out I put them in their Halloween shirts. Their black pants were dirty, which didn't matter anyway since they wanted to wear purple and pink pants. I guess this could be a good blackmail photo one day. Izzie is wearing my shoes, which just sets the entire ensemble off.

This morning a little bit before naptime the girls asked to paint. They've never asked to paint before, but it was almost naptime. So I told them we could paint after naptime. I was crossing my fingers that this would not lead to a short nap due to the excitement of painting after said nap. But I don't think they are old enough to have figured that part out. Now that I've said that tomorrow they will prove me wrong.

Anyway, Maddie and Izzie have razor sharp memories, especially when it is something they really want to do. You can tell them something before bedtime and it will be the first thing out of their mouth in the morning. This should have been a clue. When they woke up from nap, I fully expected them to want to skip snack and go straight towards painting. Nope, they ate a leisurely snack and then they started playing with some puzzles. Instead of letting them remind me about painting, since I promised them they could paint after nap, I asked them if they wanted to paint. Yes. Sure Momma. For about 2 minutes, never mind it takes you 15 to get the paint supplies all set up. So they painted. It started snowing while we painted. That was fun. The paint, not so much. Oh well such is life.

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TuTu's Bliss said...

LOL! Make messes not war. Love it! hugs, Jen