Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feeling a bit better

Izzie and Maddie

Thank goodness the girls seem to be feeling a bit better today. They are still coughing and congested but not nearly as much as they were yesterday. That and their noses were running like faucets yesterday and today we've hardly had to wipe them at all. They've been pretty happy today. With all of the family and outings lately the girls have forgotten to play independently. This morning I instituted the 15 minute rule. I told them to go play for 15 minutes without Momma or Daddy and then we could do something together. They tried a few times to get me to come play with them but I stood firm and they played for almost the entire 15 minutes (Izzie had a bad coughing fit, so we had to end it early to help her out.)

At one point in the morning when I was playing with them, we got out their animal magnets. We put them on the magnet board one at a time and said what animal they were and what the sign was for each animal. Then with the magnetic letters I helped them put the letter the animal starts with next to each animal. (G for Goat, C for Cat, etc.) They were really getting into it, even though starting sounds are way over their head. They wanted to put the W with each animal! Also as far as reading skills go, last night after they went to bed, I finally started putting up some sight words. I only started out with a few: Desk, Table, Chair, Door, Gate, Wall and Library Books. They got a kick out of this and Maddie caught on super fast. I showed her Table and Chair and she went around the house finding other words and "reading" them. We talked about what letter the word started with too. They really liked pointing to the words and saying what it was.

On a side note... one of our favorite baby words has been replaced with the correct pronunciation. Ever since they learned their colors, Orange has sounded like O-zhon. Izzie now says Orange correctly every time and Maddie says it correctly most of the time. For some reason O-Zhon was always been one of my favorite baby words they had.

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