Saturday, December 19, 2009

Early Christmas

Izzie, Rhonda and Maddie pouring beans with the tea cups.

After all the toys were opened, Izzie went back to her old toy of the necklaces!

Maddie showing Mema she wanted the purse out of the package.

Izzie opening a package, Maddie trying to get someone to help her.

I love this "twin" picture of Izzie and Maddie.

More pictures another day...

How do you write about a Christmas experience and capture everything? It's too hard, I can't adequately describe the moments we had this afternoon.

I was a bit worried this morning of how the afternoon was going to be because Maddie woke up Cranky with a capital C. We put them down for an early nap and I went over to my Mom's house to help cook. Since my side of the family didn't get together for Thanksgiving this year, we decided to do the Turkey with all of the trimmings. It was fun cooking with Mema again. I carefully wrote down her cornbread recipe so hopefully I can recreate it next time! I also made her measure the chocolate pie ingredients but I think that made her mess up. We'll have to keep working on that one! I also learned a few tricks on why my dressing doesn't taste as good as hers, so next time I should be able to conquer it to perfection. About halfway through the cooking John called and said the girls were waking up from nap, so I headed back home to pick the three of them up. (Thank goodness Mom only lives 5 minutes away!)

Luckily the nap did wonders on Maddie and Izzie and they were in much better moods for the afternoon. We decided to open presents before dinner so that way we weren't rushed. It was so much fun watching the girls open presents. Izzie figured the game out pretty quickly and as soon as she tore the paper off one present she would turn around and say, "Nother one, Please." She was also very particular that ALL the paper went straight over to Mema and not on the floor! Maddie had a blast too. One of the first things she opened was a My Little Pony that had a little purse accessory. She wanted that purse! She kept pointing to the package saying, "Little Pink Purse." We finally opened it for her.

After a delicious dinner and the absolute best turkey I have ever had (even better than my own!) the girls played Tea with Rhonda. Mom filled the tea pot up with small beans and they worked on their pouring skills, pouring the beans from the pot to the cup. Then they had to transfer the beans with the spoon from the sugar bowl to the cup. Rhonda was super patient with them and they were loving it! Of course Mema got in on the Tea action too.

Too soon, it was time for bed so we shuttled back home and put the girls down to bed. John stayed home to listen in on them and watch the football game and I went back to mom's to visit and help with the clean up. We just left all of the girls presents there so I had to help package them up to bring home. It was a terrific Christmas.

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