Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Traditions - Baking Cookies

What a wonderful way to spend a cold December morning! The girls and I went to visit their Grandma and Grandpa this morning. When we got there, Sabrina and Julie were there too and Grandma had a big surprise! She planned on making cookies with the GrandGirls as she called them.

They had a blast! They got to roll out the dough, press in the cookie cutters and even shake on as many sprinkles as they pleased. Flour was flying, kids were smiling and joy was spreading. Next year Lucy will be old enough to help and if Sammy wasn't in school I'm sure he'd be ready to throw in some super tips now that he's a big boy. I love being part of a big family and I'm so glad the girls live close to their cousins so that we can build Christmas memories for years and years to come.

Maddie and Izzie watching Grandma roll out the dough waiting for their turn.

Izzie helping Grandma put the cookie cutter in just the right place.

Maddie playing with the dough and Izzie is waiting for more dough.

Sabrina really got into rolling it out!

Here I am helping Izzie roll out some dough, while Grandma and Julie got Maddie and Sabrina's dough ready.

I'm sorry to say that the recipe won't be making it to The Frickin Chicken, because the cookies were inedible, but that wasn't the point was it? They cooked up just perfect for our family!

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