Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Maddie, Momma, Daddy and Izzie getting ready to go to Nanny's church.

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.... and we got one! It is snowing like crazy here! It's unbelievable. It started snowing around 1pm but we didn't think it was going to stick. Well stick it did, we have quite a bit of snow in the back yard, an inch and half or so. That is just crazy talk for Texas!

Anyway, today started off with a visit from Santa last night.When Maddie woke up this morning the first word out of her mouth was, "Santa, HoHoHo!" Then Izzie popped up and said, "Toys!" They sorta got it. The only thing is I think when they came downstairs they thought Santa would actually be here. But they were happy with the toys he left behind. They spent the morning playing with their toys but they still aren't feeling very well (I think Izzie caught the cold again!) and at 11am Maddie had a horrible crying fit. To calm her down I took her upstairs to rock her. Izzie wanted upstairs too and we decided to put them down for a nap at 11:15. They have not napped that early in months and months and months. Since they normally eat lunch at 11:30 I was worried they would wake up early starving. But they ended up sleeping for 2 hours.

After they woke up we had a couple of hours to play before it was time to get dressed and head to St. Monica's Catholic Church where Nanny attends services. We went to the children's mass and I think both girls really enjoyed all the singing and the bells. After church we headed over to Nanny's house for a light supper and a few presents. Nanny got the girls baby Elmo's and they were super excited. Izzie turned toward me and said,"ELMO!" Like I would have said, "Oh my goodness it's a diamond necklace!!!" You get the drift... she was thrilled. Maddie was just as excited.

The drive home was a bit treacherous because of all the snow/ice/wind and it took us almost an hour and a half when normally it would take about 40-45 minutes. We saw one car spinout on the freeway and that was a bit scary! But we drove very slow and took a few back roads to avoid bridges and made it home safe and sound. The girls went down right away (although Izzie is coughing pretty badly!) and John and I got in warm clothes and we were going to try and make a snowman. Two problems, one we couldn't find our gloves. We have several pair, but haven't needed them in a while (I don't think we even got them out last year at all!) so we couldn't find them quickly enough. And the second problem was the snow was powdery and not sticking to itself. Nevertheless, we still had a bit of fun kicking the snow around and playing a bit in it. (Don't worry we took the monitor outside so we could hear the girls.) It was a nice end to a beautiful Christmas Eve!

Snow in our backyard.

Snowy footprints!

Kicking the snow into a pile.

Izzie with her Elmo

Our front yard. The snow didn't pile as high in the front yard as the backyard. Across the street got more snow in their front yards than we did, but like I said, our backyard was pretty fluffy!

Izzie and Madddie in their Christmas dresses.

Getting ready for church, there were snow flurries but it wasn't sticking at this point. Even so, it was cold! We had the girls all bundled up. Izzie said to me, "Winter!, BRR Cold!"

Izzie, maddie and Sabrina opening gifts.

Izzie and Maddie. Dana and Lucy are in the background.

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