Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Colds

Maddie playing with the kitchen. She was feeding her new baby doll.

Izzie playing with the animal magnets she got for Christmas.

Izzie playing with her new doll and doll highchair, please excuse the "boogie" rag in the background!

Maddie loves her baby doll and was giving it a big hug!

The girls just can't seem to shake this cold that they have. Izzie got it first and then she gave it to Maddie. Just as we thought Maddie was getting better, Izzie got it again, and Maddie's got worse. I think the excitement of Christmas just didn't give them enough quiet time to get better. Today we've just been hanging out at home, playing with some of our Christmas toys and of course wiping boogies. It's a new vocabulary word around here and a new skill. They are getting good at wiping their own boogies if Momma and Daddy don't get to it fast enough!

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