Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 Year Check Up

Maddie and Izzie waiting for the Doctor. They are reading a story to Bunny and Teddy.

The girls had their Two Year Appointment today. We got the first appointment of the day so I decided to let them go in their footsie night gowns AND they got to take Bunny and Teddy. Bunny and Teddy almost never leave their cribs so when I told them that they could take them to the doctors this morning they were so excited. They brought them downstairs and after breakfast and in the couple of minutes before we had to leave for the doctors they were showing Bunny and Teddy everything downstairs. They were reading them books and showing off their toys. It was so cute, Bunny and Teddy really are their best friends. I think the last doctors appointment (18 months) I let them take their downstairs Bunny and Teddy but I don't know that their crib friends have every gone anywhere with them now that I think about it. Izzie's eyes got really big this morning when I said that they could go to the Doctors. She said, "WHITE Teddy??" (Her downstairs Teddy is brown.)

At the doctors they did really good. For the last week or so I've been talking to them about the doctor. I bought a cheap little doctor kit at the dollar store and we've been practicing. I told them the doctor would check their eyes, their ears, their nose. Listen to their heart, etc. So they knew what to expect. I told them about the shot, but they didn't quite get that and they were pretty startled/upset when they got the shot. But their tears cleared up pretty quickly. I gave them a little doll that Nanny gave them at Christmas time and I'd put away as a prize for being brave. So now for the stats:

Isabelle Dawn:
25.5 lbs (25%)
2 feet 11 inches (75%)

Madeline Elizabeth:
26.75 lbs (50%)
2 feet 11 inches (75%)

Their iron levels are back to normal. They've been slightly anemic since birth so this was good news! Everything else checked out great too. Now no more shots until 4!

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