Sunday, November 1, 2009

Unka D and DimSum

This morning I took the girls over to my Mom's house because my Unka D and Auntie R were visiting. Unka D has always been like the older brother I never had. He's 10 years younger than my mom and 10 years older than me. No, that isn't a math problem, although it does sort of sound like one. Anyway, Unka D is a very unique individual and I love him very much. Lately he has been experimenting with a new look:

I'll let you be the judge of the look, but if you were to ask the girls, Maddie in particular, he looks SCARY. As soon as she saw him, she burst out in tears. I felt really bad for my Unka D, because he really is a sweetheart (don't tell him I said that!) but his latest look well, doesn't exactly portray his personality correctly. After hanging out for close to an hour Maddie finally didn't cry every time she looked at him, but she decided the best way to cope was pretend he didn't exist. She'd look right past him when he talked to her.

At one point, Unka D sat down right next to me on the couch. Both girls came running over, I think to protect me! They looked so cute, I couldn't resist but hand Unka D my camera. This is the photo he took:

(Momma, Izzie and Maddie)

Well we finally decided that we were going to be able to go to lunch together without the girls crying the entire time. So we went to a Dim Sum restaurant. Basically because that is Unka D's favorite type of food in the entire world. If you've never been it is worth going to one, but try and find someone who has gone before otherwise it can be confusing. I did bring food for the girls because while sometimes they can be adventurous, I wasn't willing to test it with all unfamiliar food.

By the way, this:

is Darrin's super sweet wife, my aunt, Rebecca. How or why she puts up with Darrin, we will never figure out but the entire family is grateful and we all love her!

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