Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sweet Potatoes Galore

31 lbs of sweet potatoes pulled from my front flower bed in Suburbia!

John holding one of the bigger potatoes. It's over 6lbs all by itself.

This one was almost a foot long.

All of them laid out on the counter.

Last year I planted a sweet potato in the ground in my front flower bed. I like sweet potato vine because they have pretty big leaves and they grow fast. They make the front porch look lush and green in the summer time. Then there is the bonus of harvesting sweet potatoes in the fall! I love the idea of edible landscaping. Growing with my sweet potatoes is a beautiful rosemary bush, which is great because it's an evergreen and will stay throughout the winter. Last year, my Mema helped me pull all of the potatoes out of the ground and we had quite a big crop. Well, we thought we got them all.

This summer I was going to plant something different and I got busy and forgot. Next thing I know I see some sweet potato vine poking up through the ground. So this is a second generation crop! Today I harvested 31 pounds of sweet potato! I beat my mom's harvest by 6 lbs. I'm so proud. Of course she is also growing a ton of other vegetables, but still... I did good!

Now I need some sweet potato recipes. Next week is a pot luck dinner for my PAMOM group, maybe I'll make sweet potatoes, that is if I'm willing to share!

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