Friday, November 6, 2009

Story time at the Interurban Museum

Today was a PAMOM social at the Interurban Museum. When we arrived we were walking towards the train car to find where the story time was and we passed by a couple with their set of twins. I didn't recognize them, but I assumed they were in PAMOM. I introduced myself and then I realized that they didn't belong to PAMOM, they just happened to pick that day to come to story time with their kids! I told them about PAMOM and hopefully we'll see them around. I love being able to share info about my Moms of Multiples group because I have gotten so much support from them!

On to story time. The girls did so good! I was thrilled. On the drive over I told them we were doing story time and that they needed to have good behavior. They needed to sit and listen to the story. I told them we were going to have a picnic after story time and that if they were good we'd stay otherwise we would go home. I don't know if they were listening or not, but they were good so maybe some of my lecture got absorbed! The funny part was that they sat in Uma's lap. They've never even met her, she has 4 year old triplets and must be a toddler whisperer. They were just immediately drawn to her and sat like precious little angels in her lap. I kept asking her if she minded and she said she didn't. But that is one thing I've found about MOMs. We just jump in and help where ever it is needed. If our own kids are under control and another MOM needs help then we are THERE. It's automatic and I love it. Anyway... thanks Uma for helping!

After story time we saw the model train running around the track and then we got to tour the old caboose that is at the park. The timing was perfect and the weather even more perfect for a wonderful outdoor picnic followed by some playing at the park. Ashley was there with Lila and Zella and we also ate lunch with Luisa, and her boys Dax, Mason and baby Alex. When we got home the girls were tired from the busy morning and went straight down for nap.

Izzie riding the dolphin, which she recognized right away!

Luisa and her boys.

Lila and Ashley

Izzie and Maddie munching on their sandwich.

Izzie and Maddie watching the Choo-Choo.

Izzie, me and Maddie during story time.

Ashley, Lila, Zella, Maddie and Izzie and me.

Maddie on the playground.

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Uma said...

It was awesome being with your girls this morning! "Toddler Whisperer?" truly you would not be saying that if you saw me trying to get my trio out the door this morning!! HAHA!