Saturday, November 7, 2009

The science of Toddlerhood

Toddlers tummies I have found can be the ultimate science experiment. This even more obvious between the ages 6 months (when you start solids) and about 18 months. The past few months for my girls things have seemed to normalize a bit. But the past few days we've had some issues. Poor little Maddie was grabbing her bop (diaper) this morning and saying her hiney was stuck. Yes, I know she is going to kill me when she reads this 15 years from now, but that was the best way she could tell me that she was constipated. Izzie had the same issue yesterday. So I gave them some prunes before nap today. Well those prunes worked amazingly fast on Izzie during naptime (I won't go into the details of the diaper she woke up to.)

In the beginning what you put in was what you got out. But they were only eating one food at a time. If something got "stuck" or was too, um... unstuck, you could pretty easily pin point what caused the issue. Now that they are eating a variety of foods each day sometimes it might be a combination, did I give them too much dairy and not enough fiber? Or the opposite? Have they been eating too much protein and not enough fruit? Then there is the added variable of what do they actually ingest these days now that they have OPINIONS. Izzie told me a few days ago, "No Like It, Momma." Yep... a sentence. This was referring to some broccoli that she was perfectly happy with a few days prior to this new announcement. As for that broccoli, Maddie told me she was saving it for, "later." Yeah right... later 10 years from now? Well see.

As for other opinions, Maddie got jealous when I gave John a hug today. She got upset and immediately wanted me to give HER a hug. I asked her if I could hug daddy and she said, "No." I asked her, "Why not? Momma loves Daddy just like I love you." But she didn't buy it. We'll see where that one goes.

As for other new phrases Izzie woke up this morning saying, "Help You" all morning. Which is so incredibly cute. I always ask, "Can I help you?" so that is what she learned to say. Now we are trying to say, "Help Me." She's also really big into saying Thank You and You're Welcome the past couple of days. Sometimes after throwing an object she'll say, "Have it!, Thank you!" (The Have It comes from me also... when they have something they aren't supposed to have, I say, "Let Momma Have It.") So now she will throw and yell a Thank You; like that'll make it better for throwing. She also signs while saying all of this.

Which reminds me of another amazing thing about teaching your kids signs. The girls were having a hard time identifying a printed letter Z yesterday. So I did the sign for it and asked them again what letter it was. They both immediately knew that it was the letter Z! They know most of their ABC in sign language too! Another recent discovery I had about signing is that it also helps with fine and gross motor skills.

So, that is my rambling thoughts for the day. I wish I could write them a bit more coherent but I have so many thoughts spiraling that was what came out today.

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