Monday, November 9, 2009

Report from Nanna

A few hours after I picked the girls up from Nanna's house my email box was full of photos of the girls coloring and having a picnic at Nanna's house. This is what my Mom wrote about their coloring styles:

"Izzie was so intense. She was holding the crayon perfectly, like a pencil. She made these very precise, dark, close together marks. She only used two colors, purple and red (which she said was pink - I think because the paper on the crayon was pinkish). She said she was writing WORDS. Maddie was more determined to use every color and went from one to the next. She held the crayons more like a paintbrush most of the time and made big broad sweeping strokes. She was drawing kircles and trees and flowers and birds. She kept the crayons lined up ON her paper, except for the ones Izzie used. (She tried to get Izzie to use more colors, but Izzie said No!) She colored both sides of the paper. When she was finished coloring one side, she moved the crayons to the table and counted them (random numbers) as she lined them up pointing the same way. Then she turned the paper over and counted them as she lined them up across the middle of her paper. She had to color around them. She wasn't possessive of them, she kept handing them to Izzie and saying Share! Every once in a while she would color some on Izzie's paper. Izzie didn't seem to mind. At one point they were reaching over and each coloring on the other one's paper!!" -Nanna

Maddie and Izzie coloring.


Izzie's WORDS. I guess this is her first novel?

Maddie's circles, trees, flowers and birds.

Izzie and Maddie having a picnic.


Seren Dippity said...

Izzie's was not art, it was WORDS. She was very insistent about this. I asked her if she was writing ABCs and she said "No. WORDS!" I asked her what what words was she writing and she looked at me like I was dumb and said "WORDS."

Just so you know.


Amanda said...

So noted and corrected. It's just so pretty I was thinking it was art, I forgot for a moment that she told you it was actually words.