Friday, November 27, 2009

Reeling from the day

I didn't take any pictures today (I know, right?) but I took these a few days ago and they didn't make it up and yet, I think they are precious. Maddie wearing two tutus and her cat ears playing dress up with her tools.

Today was one of those tough days in the twindom. This morning when we all rolled out of bed, who knew what kind of day it was going to be. We came downstairs and had breakfast, everything normal. I left to do some shopping on the ever famous Black Friday. I bought the girls some birthday and Christmas presents and pretty much rounded out my Christmas list. On my way home, I gave John a call to see how it was going. He said, "See you when you get here I'm dealing with a time-out."

And that is pretty much how the rest of the day went. The girls were bickering and whining all day long. Nothing was keeping their interest except what ever toy the other girl had. At lunch time, Izzie just started bawling and I just said forget it! And we put them both in their cribs for an early nap. Which is precisely what they needed because they both fell asleep immediately. After naptime things were pleasant for a bit and we actually all went on a a walk as a family.

I love that by the way. I love strolling through the neighborhood with the girls. They can actually walk a pretty good distance by themselves now. And they stay on the sidewalk and it's just pleasant. Izzie was having a blast running for big portions of the walk. Then both girls decided they liked walking on the grass. As we passed different Christmas decorations that have already made their way out to people's lawns they would say, "bye bye deer," or "bye bye Santa Claus" as we walked away.

When we got back in, Maddie pulled an independent fit wanting to take her jacket off all by herself (gee... where does she get that? Guilty!) The only thing is she just CAN'T take it off all by herself so she was reduced to tears. Finally she allowed Daddy to help her. The rest of the afternoon was filled with small fights here and there. With a showdown about not picking up their crayons. I ended up "mailing" them to their cousin Sabrina. I'm sure Sabrina will end up sending them back tomorrow after they have hopefully learned their lesson about telling Momma NO when asked to pick up a toy.

Dinner was both good and bad. They absolutely loved the creamy chicken broccoli noodles I made. They asked for thirds even demanding "MORE BROCCOLI!" After dinner we sang some songs and it was pretty peaceful. But right before bathtime, Izzie pinched both of her hands between the lid and her little potty while sitting on the lid of the potty. I thought she was screaming because it looked like Maddie might have grabbed her hair. So here I was fussing at Maddie while Izzie is screaming at the top of her lungs. I finally hear FINGERS! in all the screaming and I look to see she is sitting on her fingers and didn't know to stand up. The poor thing! It took forever to calm her down and her fingers are okay. We took a quick bath and then they pretty much fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. I'm hoping for a very long, and peaceful night.

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