Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New logo for PAMOM

Over the past few months I have been working with a committee within PAMOM (Plano Area Mothers of Multiples) to design a new logo. It was a creative process that I'm glad I was a part of. The old logo was developed in 1994 when the club started and is now a bit dated looking. We are hoping to move our club towards a more cohesive look. Give ourselves a brand if you will. Last Tuesday the new logo was officially voted on by the logo and executive committees and last night was unveiled to the general membership for the first time. Allison's husband made the committees t-shirts for our great reveal. We wore hoodies and when the time came we stood on stage and displayed the logo. Now the real work begins, since I've got to redesign the newsletter and make a PAMOM brochure, business card and various other things.

I am so thrilled to have left a legacy with PAMOM. It will make a difference. Our mothers group is an outstanding resource to hundreds of Mothers of Multiples. We provide support to ourselves and to the greater communities around us. Having a catchy logo and brochure someplace where a new or expectant MOM will notice it and get support from our group is what having a new look is all about.

Here is the new PAMOM logo!

Part of the logo and executive committees at the reveal. Julie Richard, Melanie Davis, Laurie Elkins, Carolyn Summy and myself. Also part of the team was Allison Hansard, Jessica Melker, Tina Firgens and Polly Harrison.

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