Thursday, November 12, 2009

Missing Daddy

John left to go to Portland on Monday and he didn't get back until late last night so the girls haven't seen him yet. As soon as they wake up from nap they are going to be so excited to see their daddy! They've spent a good portion of the week walking around with their phones calling Daddy. I filled the week up with lots of fun activities to help pass the time. Last night we went over to Jackie and Tom's for dinner. I was so glad that Julie, Chris, Sammy and Sabrina were able to join us too!

Maddie (I think?) with Sabrina working on a puzzle.

I caught Sabrina as she went down the slide. Here's Maddie holding a phone to call Daddy again. All three girls were taking turns going down the slide over and over. When I tried to give Sabrina a hug, Maddie got super jealous!

Sabrina and Izzie.

Chris and Sammy rough-housing.

Izzie was playing high-fives with Julie

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