Saturday, November 28, 2009

A lazy day

Today was one of those days that somehow managed to get away from me. I spent a lot of hours trying to finish up the PAMOM December newsletter and I've got that mostly complete now, just some proofing left to do. Other than that, just spent some time playing with the girls.

At naptime, while John stayed home, I went out looking for 99cent poinsetta's because I heard Lowe's was having a sale. The sales guy said they sold out all 5000 "units" yesterday! Wow. We ended up having to wake the girls up from nap so we could head over to Jackie and Tom's for an early Birthday celebration for Jackie and myself. Her birthday is on December 2nd and mine is on the 4th and the family usually gets together to do a dual gift and cake exchange.

I took lots of pictures, the girls were so cute, Sammy was being a super star, Sabrina was her lovely self. That girl is SO full of life. You can't help but smile when you see her. I got to give Lucy a hug before she started crying for her momma. We had a good evening. Maddie went on a walk with Dana, Cody and Lucy. She did great and had a good time. Izzie was working on puzzles while Maddie went walking. I'll post pictures tomorrow, because tonight I'm going to turn in early!

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