Sunday, November 15, 2009

High Tea at the Adolphus Hotel



Yesterday was a whirl wind of a day. The girls have been keeping me on my toes with a new variety of temper tantrums. They were doing so great at sharing but these last few days they have been fighting over prized (insert item) constantly. Yesterday Maddie had a temper tantrum of epic proportions because I wouldn't let her jump on my Mom's couch. The rules didn't change over night, but she acted like I was taking away something she's always done. Somehow I made it through the morning.

And then I was off to have Tea with Melanie, Alison and a friend of Melanie's named Ashley. It was so delightful. I like this girly side of me that hasn't really shown up since toddlerhood when I used to demand to wear frilly lacy dresses. There is still a part of me that is itching to go camping and more tom-boyish activities, but being able to get dressed up and enjoy dainty tea glasses does have its enjoyment. And lets not kid anyone. I was going for the itty bitty sandwiches and the dessert bites that are to die for. Finding out that I actually liked the tea, that was a bonus!

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