Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Stuff-Yourself-Silly Day!

I totally intended to eat a good meal without stuffing myself. Yeah, that didn't happen. I think the dressing must have expanded in my tummy. Or the buffet that stayed out for hours that I kept picking at. I don't know but I had a terrific meal spent with terrific people. Roll call this year was: Me, John, Maddie, Izzie, Jackie, Tom, Grandma (John's), Julie, Chris, Sammy, Sabrina, Aunt Judy and Uncle Jim. Those that weren't with us, were thought about and missed. The menu for 2009 Turkey Feast was: Turkey (which I overheard Jackie affectionately calling TomTurkey), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, steamed green beans, pecan sweet potato casserole, southern dressing, northern stuffing, two types of cranberries, crescent rolls, Grandma's Gravy, pecan chocolate pie, cherry pie and pumpkin pie. Whew, see, no wonder I was stuffed as was everyone.

We got there in the morning and the kids all got right into playing. Grandma and Grandpa pulled out this really cool table and Maddie and Izzie were super excited to play puzzles on it.

When Sabrina arrived, she jumped right in on the fun with Maddie and Izzie. It wasn't long until everyone gravitated outside. It was a beautiful day!

John and Tom

Sabrina playing in the tent that Grandpa put up for the kids to play with.

The big hit today was the sandbox. Here's Maddie, Izzie, Sammy and Sabrina all playing together! This was Izzie's favorite thing, after the turkey meal, she spent over an hour playing in the sand.

After playing for so long, I brought the girls in for some "quiet" time and hoped for a nap. The nap didn't work, but they did lay down with me for about an hour.

Jackie cutting up the bird.

Grandma making her famous gravy.

The spread.

Here are the three "triplets" Maddie, Izzie and Sabrina. Next year, there will have to be a kiddie table and Lucy, if she joins us will be the only one in a high chair. We put them on the tile right outside of the fancy dining room, so they were "with" us but not on the nice carpet. Plus, the family has gotten so big, we barely fit around the dining room table!

Yummy Turkey! Izzie kept saying, "Turkey Day!" Maddie liked her "fruit" which is what I called the cranberry sauce. Both girls ate all their turkey and they picked their favorite sides. Izzie liked the "orange potatoes", Maddie liked the green beans (and "fruit".)

Maddie and Izzie, second Thanksgiving 11/26/2009.

Maddie and Izzie 1st Thanksgiving 11/27/08. They've grown a bit, haven't they?

Maddie fell asleep on the way home and Izzie was just wiped out too. They went to bed at 6:30 tonight, I had to semi-rock Maddie to sleep, she was so over-exhausted that she was fighting sleep. I wish I could do the car to crib transfer, but she woke up and needed a new diaper anyway. I really wanted to do a bath with all the sand play, but they were just too tired. We'll bathe them in the morning and change their sheets. We all had a really awesome day.

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