Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Part 4 - The Pumpkin

Okay... just a warning. I took a LOT of pictures today and I can't pick my favorite so I'm going to put most of them up. The morning started off a bit fussy for us. Maddie and Izzie have been in a whiney mood the past 2 days and they've been fighting over toys more than usual. Typically they get along way better than you'd think, but they definitely have their days! I was glad that we had a playdate scheduled for the morning. Especially since John had to work from home since Chris was working on his car (Thank you Chris for fixing it!) John had a bunch of conference calls and I'm just not sure I'd have been able to keep the girls quiet this morning!

We went over to Alison's house to play with her sons Jake and Ford. Melanie was there with Sydney and her Maddie and Jessica was there with Hayden, Madison and Payson. Nine kids in all. Overall they all did pretty good. At one point I had to remind myself that large playgroups are GOOD for them. They need to learn how to get along with lots of kids. Maddie and Izzie got territorial over a picnic table and wouldn't let anyone sit with them. Payson claimed one of the Cozy Coups and I saw that he was hanging on to it for dear life. I don't know how other kids are but multiples can tend to be very defensive over a toy that is "theirs." Jessica wanted to get her kids home before lunch time so she left just before the rest of us sat down to eat. That was interesting all in itself too. Maddie was guarding her food with her life at one point. Jake kept trying to take her water and she stood him down. Then towards the end all the kids started sharing and trading food. It was a flash forward to elementary school I'm sure.

Naptime came and went and then we FINALLY got around to carving our Halloween Pumpkin. Yes, we are 2 days AFTER Halloween, but what can I say? It was a crazy busy October and it just didn't happen. BUT I wanted the girls to have the experience. I wanted to talk about turning a pumpkin into a jack o'lantern. I wanted them to feel the slimey goop and talk about the seeds. I wanted to ask them if they wanted a happy, sad or scared jack o'lantern. And guess what? I did! I got to do all of those things even if it was 2 days after Halloween. The good thing with 22 month old's is that they don't know that you are late!

Izzie didn't particularily like getting her hands dirty and Maddie wouldn't even try, but they still had fun and we still had the experience. Izzie enjoyed "cooking" in the bucket that I was throwing all the seeds in. Maddie mostly enjoyed watching but she did try to get some seeds out with her spoon. They decided they wanted a sad jack o'lantern so that is what we carved. I also gave them the opportunity to draw on the pumpkin. After dinner when it was starting to get dark we lit a candle in it and turned out the lights. They did not like that so much. Well Maddie didn't. She kept saying, "light, light!" Izzie on the other hand just stared with an open mouth... not quite sure what she was thinking!

After dinner we were playing in the office and the girls started dancing. I picked up the camera and filmed them. Then they started doing Ring Around the Rosie with Bunny and Teddy. They each had a hand of Bunny and Teddy and made a 4 "person" circle. Then I sang the song and they went around and around. It was absolutely adorable. I'm super glad I got it on film too! Okay now for all the photos!

Playgroup this morning outside.

and inside.

Pumpkin carving begins. Izzie thought we were just playing outside at first.

Then she wanted to get in on the action right away!

Maddie was willing to try with a spoon.

Izzie thought it was fun!

But then she got distracted and started "cooking" the seeds in the bucket.

After I drew a face on the front, the girls wanted to draw on the pumpkin too!

Izzie's turn.

And now we start carving the face. They wanted a sad pumpkin.

Maddie liked holding the "lid." Izzie was still into cooking.

Izzie, Daddy, Maddie and our admittedly Sad Looking Jack O'Lantern.

He looks pretty cool when he is glowing though.

And now for the video of Ring Around The Rosie. And yes, Mema, I think you CAN break the internet if you play it a million times... well maybe not, go ahead and try!

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