Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun Day at Home

Yesterday wasn't a very good day. We had story time at the library and the girls were so rowdy that we ended up leaving early. It just got worse from there. Their allergies were acting up and I don't think they felt good, but the day just was bad. They were whiney and crying and fighting and I was at my wits end by the end of the day. When John got home I gave him 30 minutes to decompress from work, then I gave him the girls and I went out to pick my sweet potatoes. I was so stressed from the day I didn't even want to talk about it.

Today was a new day and what a different day it was! The girls were full of happiness and joy. After a breakfast where I know they ate their food since I locked Ripley up in the laundry room, the girls played in the toy room. I had been suspecting that they were feeding Ripley their breakfast, but apparently not, but clean plates can make a mom suspicious sometimes! Anyway, they got out the animals that Mema gave them and they played with them for a long time by themselves. Then I played with them. Maddie was having me hug and kiss each animal. Izzie was more interesting in counting them. There were 5 pigs in case you are interested!

Other morning activities included coloring, playing outside, a counting game that didn't go over too well, but I'm going to re-formulate it with details to come, and a science experiment involving a block and a feather. I talked to the girls about Heavy and Light, Fast and Slow. I'd hold the block and feather up and drop them and talk about how the feather was slower than the block. They got a kick out of it and we did it about 10 times before they got bored.

At lunch Ripley did get some broccoli because I forgot to lock him up. I asked Izzie where her broccoli was and she said, "Ripley tummy." Yeah... great. Maddie still had hers on her plate and I asked her if she was going to eat it and she said, "No, DON'T LIKE" while signing the sentence. You never know with them, they ate broccoli the other night.

After naptime we went over to Moms house where we played in the garden. The girls did side walk chalk and got creative and colored on some of Moms landscaping rocks. They also had a ton of fun chasing balls that we threw to them over and over.

Tomorrow is another story time, this time with PAMOM, my multiples group, so I'm just crossing my fingers it goes well!

Izzie and Maddie playing with their animals.

Maddie running with a towel.

Izzie and Maddie


Izzie coloring rocks.


Izzie and Maddie coloring the rocks.

Maddie running with the ball.


Maddie and Izzie

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