Monday, November 23, 2009

First time for Soup

I made the girls soup for the first time tonight. Well actually I made the soup for John but it was the first time the girls got to eat soup. I made Creamy Parmesan Pesto Tomato Soup I added noodles to the girls portion to make it thicker. Actually it ended up almost like runny spaghetti, but we told them it was soup. They loved it and they loved the idea of soup. I also gave them cheesy toast which is one of their favorites lately.

Maddie eating her soup, cheesy toast and apples for dinner.

Izzie really liked hers too!

Izzie and Maddie reading some books this morning.

Izzie and Maddie just chillin'.

Yesterday when we got home from Muenster the girls wanted to cook. I don't have a play kitchen for them yet, but I pulled out these cookie racks and called them a stove. They were happy enough with the concept. Also, poof balls make wonderful pretend meatballs. Maddie is stirring hers right now.

Izzie cooking on her "stove"


Anonymous said...

Your girls are absolutely adorable! I love the article you wrote... just what I needed to hear! Obviously I'm not keeping myself busy enough!

Amanda said...

You must be referring to the article I wrote last week for the Dallas Morning News (

I think I wrote that to remind myself to not quit when I get overwhelmed! LOL... it all evens out eventually.

I love your profile pic, your girls look so cute!