Thursday, November 12, 2009

catch up

I usually empty my camera at least once a day if not twice a day. Well apparently I haven't' emptied for 2 days! This was on it from when my mom babysat on Tuesday night. She fed the girls bar-b-q chicken. Apparently Maddie liked the bar-b-q sauce, but not much else. I think she looks mad in this picture. John loved the expression on her face. It's always fun to see pics of the girls from when I'm not around.

Walking our babies yesterday. Izzie and Maddie. (I know because Izzie has the pink stroller and Maddie has the white one. They have decided this for themselves. They always only play with THEIR stroller.)

On Halloween Mig gave out these glow necklaces and we brought a couple home for the girls. We'll I kept forgetting to let them play with them. Tonight after dinner we turned out most of the lights and they were fascinated. They kept calling them suns and saying they were bright.

Maddie painting Pooh bear this morning.

Izzie painting Roo. These were from a giant coloring book and I thought it might be something slightly different than their normal finger paint paper. Well, the paper didn't hold up and started tearing, but they didn't mind. They had fun like usual. And the painting sessions are lasting a bit longer each time. One hint: Don't start with a lot of paint. It's annoying having to refill over and over but it seems to keep their interest longer. And if you are going to go through the trouble of all the mess, you might as well make it take up time!

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