Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy Morning... or day that is!

Maddie and Izzie in the Sams cart. I love that it hold twins!



The weather is so beautiful! This is the fall I remember. October was wet and cold. So far November has started off with beautiful sunny cool days that actually are pretty warm by afternoon. The girls were actually wearing shorts yesterday! Today I dressed them in short sleeves and little tights.

Our plans for the morning included a trip to the Choo-Choo park. We got there at about 10 am and met up with a few other Wylie Moms. Izzie was very clingy at one point she just cuddled up to me while Maddie was playing. Then they both went off and played for a bit. Her allergies are acting up again and her eyes have been watery and her nose drippy. The doctor told me to give them Zyrtec on allergy days. I haven't had to use it in a while but the past few days I've had to give it to both girls. After playing for an hour 3 of us moms and kids sat under a shade tree and had a picnic. The girls know the drill about that one. They like picnics!

Then I decided to chance ruining naptime and make a "quick" trip to Sam's Club for some wholesale items, such as a "lifetime" supply of this and that. Too bad those lifetime supplies actually do run out! We made it home just in time for naptime and the girls went right down to sleep. Then they slept for 3 hours! I love those 3 hour nap days but I sure wish I knew they were going to do it before hand, I'd plan my time a bit differently.

During naptime today, I worked on PAMOM logos. The executive board and a few others have been working for a few months to redesignt he PAMOM logo. The old one is just outdated. I have cranked out more logos for this one project than ever before. I do have to say that overall I have enjoyed the creative process. It's fun to see what I started with and where I ended up. (I hope!) Tonight is the meeting where we are supposedly going to vote on a final design. I am SO not holding my breath on that one though!

Tonight for dinner I made a Shrimp and Vegetable Lo Mein. It's in the kitchen waiting to be eaten. With that extra long nap I cooked dinner ahead of time. After dinner I'm going to jet off to my PAMOM Board meeting.

Oh my goodness.... Izzie just counted to 10! They are playing with Big Legos and she counted out 10 legos and put them on the windowsill! I can't believe she just did it 2 times in a row. The first time she skipped 7 but the second time she went from 1-10 without help or skipping any numbers!!

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