Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another short story time

Izzie picking out a book at the library.

Maddie reading a book at the library.

Izzie managed to stuff 6 different babies/stuffed animals into this stroller this morning.

Izzie and Maddie bumped heads and then Maddie leaned over to give Izzie a kiss.

Pushing her babies while carrying Elmo. He must have been fussy and needed extra attention.

I was excited that today was library day. And as an added bonus my mom decided to come with us. The morning was pretty normal, the girls were playing with their stuffed animals and such, we made it out the door without too much fuss or delays. They were excited to see Nanna but they wondered where Popo was (he's in Houston for a few days.) We got to the library the girls picked out some books to read, and then we hung out for a bit waiting for story time to begin. While story time was going on, Mom decided to browse books instead of join us. (The room gets super crowded!)

The girls started out fine, they sat in my lap and were really still during the welcome song. They like the Good Bye song, but Maddie especially will NOT participate in the welcome song. During the first book they were mostly still, going back and forth between sitting on the floor and my lap. Then Izzie decides to get up and walk around the room. Which is not allowed. It's a pretty small room and there are just too many people in it. I wrangle her back to my lap where she throws a fit. So we have to leave. I put her in time out outside the door and get her calmed down. We were going to go back in, but they'd locked the door.

Instead we went back to the kids area for a bit. I let Maddie play on the library computer, but I told Izzie she couldn't because she didn't listen and sit still during story time. That did not go over well, but I think I explained it well enough that she understood why she was in trouble.

After the library we went out to lunch. The girls did pretty good at lunch. Maddie was quiet almost the entire morning. I could tell they were getting tired, and sure enough as soon as we got home they both fell asleep very quickly.

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