Sunday, November 8, 2009

Animals, Playdoh and Counting

Every single day it amazes me how much the girls are learning on a daily basis. And things that you just take for granted as an adult you see so much differently as a parent through the eyes of your kids. Daily I am trying to explain something to the girls in a way that they can understand it. Like yesterday when Maddie was having a temper tantrum outside of a restaurant (yes, I had to take her out, which I haven't had to do at a restaurant in forever!) She stopped for a second because something caught her eye. She pointed and said, "Wha-i-it?" I thought she was pointing to a light fixture so I told her "light." She emphatically shook her head and saind, "NO!, wha-i-it?" So I asked her what color it was. Thank goodness they know their colors now! She told me it was black and I was able to tell her it was a speaker. But then she wanted to know what a speaker was! So I had to tell her it was where the songs were coming from. That must have satisfied her because she picked her tantrum back up. (To be fair, she wasn't feeling good, so it wasn't so much a tantrum but a Mommy-I-don't-feel-good kind of cry.)

So yes, every single day they learn something new, or they get better at something they used to struggle at. Like the ABC puzzle. I remember when it was hard for them. And it still is a challenge but now they can complete the entire thing without my help. Here is Izzie working on it this morning.

Then after puzzle they moved onto animals. They were busily playing in the toy room, which gave me a few minutes to work on the PAMOM newsletter redesign that I've been working on ever since we got a new logo. They got really quiet, so I went to check and this is what I saw:

Izzie very patiently placing each animal in her Zoo. She was SO proud of her work!

Maddie was helping her too.

Here's a cute picture of Maddie's smile.

After lunch I let the girls play with their playdoh. I brought out the cookie cutters mom bought for them. I had to show them how to mash out the playdoh and push on the cookie cutter. This go around it was mostly me doing the work. But they sure enjoyed it! The cool thing was that Mom found letter cookie cutters and they are really into their ABC's right now, so it was right up their alley.

Izzie doing a star shape.


Maddie and Izzie.

During naptime I made a counting game for them to play. If you would like a copy I have a link HERE. Basically I just made some colored circles on a sheet of paper and labeled them. Then I laminated the sheets so they will last longer. Last time I was a Walmart I bought a bag of different colored poof balls. In a ziplock back I put the right number of balls for each circle. I gave the girls their Counting Game and they went straight to work. I hardly had to explain it at all. When they were finished we clapped and counted all the colors together.

This is what the game looks like.

Maddie and Izzie placing their balls on each color. The only down side was that toddlers are VERY wiggly and each and every bump of the table made the balls slide on the slick paper. Not sure how to work around that.

Izzie was excited when she finished.

Maddie working hard.

ps. My Pepaw is going to have a stint put in his heart early tomorrow morning. It is supposed to be an "easy" surgery but I'm thinking about him nonetheless. I love you Pepaw!


Misty said...

wow! they look so grown up! I'm goign to steal that counting thing. Where did you get your animals?
And as for the stint, Beau had 4 put in about 2 months ago and it went fine. Still scary, but totally fine & within a few days, he was totally back to normal. Call or email if you want more details,

Betsy said...

Love reading your blog Amanda! I steal your ideas since I'm so creativity challenged. lol I forgot I had ABC cookie cutters too. Hannah will love it.